July 30th, 2013

Some will never know love, no matter how desperate and focused their search. They will be much like the last of the brave to call themselves the forty-niners. So then, settle for fool’s gold. You will never own the mansion on the hill, but a shack near the orchards still heats up well. Wash yourself clean with the lover chosen critically and practically. You are fortunate to have avoided an all-consuming, inconvenient affair. The kind that alters everything before it has even begun. And you no longer know yourself. And the fear keeps you awake at night.

I have been presented with the opportunity to attend a concert in Las Vegas. I think, if I never step foot in that city, then I have done something very right with my life. While I immediately declined the offer, the almost perfect stranger behind the suspicious gift, keeps insisting I accept. But, it has never been like me to be anything but ill at ease with kindness. Furthermore, Cody will be there, and I cannot imagine a more terrible way to spend my time than in his company.

It is the slight imperfections that are the most troubling. The picture frame, somewhat askew. Well, where is the ladder, Bobby? I thought you were the handy type. Fix it, fix it! And, what about the little German girls? I am exhausted, but what about the little German girls. They are so morbid and pale. I am always up at this time, but do not always care.

July 30th, 2013

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