May 29th, 2013

Long ago, when I was still in a relationship with Robert, a friend of ours named Jonathan took me for a drive. He said many things to me in between drags of his clove cigarette. He asked me to see the love he had for me, but I could not. I was faithful to my obsession for my lover.

“Elizabeth, you are hoping for Robert to notice your pain, and for that pain to have a profound effect on him. You are hoping he will have an earth-shattering epiphany. You are hoping he will run through the rain, and into your arms, promising to change for you. But that will never happen. Life is not a movie.”

I thought that I had never heard anything so stupid in my life. Of course I knew that life was not a movie. It took years for what Jonathan said to have an impact on me. I expected, I wanted, I prayed so much for exactly what he said. But now I know, I know life is not a movie.

May 29th, 2013

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