April 5th, 2013

Avery continues to send me flirtatious messages. Though it makes me uncomfortable, I say nothing. I participate, remembering he is simple, and that he does not know how to relate to women. It isn’t possible that he has a genuine interest in me. We are different people, with nothing in common to be found, outside of the obvious that all humanity shares.

Though I rarely have any interaction with Cody, it feels a filthy thing to have any contact with his best friend. It has never been my intent to cause the demon any harm, even when it is clear he despises me. Only last week, he made that very admission. When pressed for reasons, he gave them. He believes me to be over-emotional, pushy, and hateful. He continued on to say that I am quick to jump to conclusions, and that he would not find himself cornered by me. I stated that was never my intention, and most likely a paranoia developed from the dealings he has with those he considers friends. He jumped to their defense, as expected. It is clear that we are who those around us have created. We mimic, or we are not called on our bullshit enough. We do not change, unless we are forced to by trials or circumstance.

I no longer wished to respond, after he confessed that I am the only person he dislikes. Certain I know his character well enough to understand he meant to say that there isn’t anyone he actually likes, I felt his ability to properly express himself was escaping him. Naturally, I have since sent him rocks through the post, so that he may choke on them. And if that does not make him ill, he is free to hang himself on the cross I was once nailed to. He can have four in the morning and its accompanying poison. He can stand in the perilous alleyways, waiting for someone to sell him the mystery he pissed away with his morning coffee.

April 5th, 2013

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