September 17th, Year of the Vampires

I see no reason to materialize images that repeat themselves for my pleasure. They have been viewed countless times, but every frame continues to excite me. Things I dare not confess to anyone, though they are good and wholesome. Those that are not, lack all power to injure anyone. I see no way I can succeed in acquiring that which I long for. They say it is the first step that proves to be difficult, but it is the second. The first is inspired, while the second often has little to no power driving it.

No one voluntarily paints themselves into a corner, concealed by a dying plant. Not everyone is fit to rule. Especially and definitely, when it is impossible to follow the guidelines, because illiteracy veils our eyes. You say, I never wanted to have power over anyone, just myself. But, I have always liked the idea of a throne.

For a fraction of what the court jester knows, I will give him my mismatched thoughts. For his full instruction, I will give him every holy word I know, never to pass my lips again. For his position, allowing for me to get closer to what I desire, my heart. But he sees that what I offer, has no value. Even the fool will not make a trade.

Do I dress myself well? Do I feed myself properly? Am I sleeping enough? Are things so basic, and easy to master, difficult for only me?

I have lost my soul, with the same facility with which a child loses a train of thought. It might be under a rock, but I will not disturb the frog that sleeps atop it.

September 17th, Year of the Vampires

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