June 23rd, Year of the Vampires

The money I was saving for the children is gone. This is not uncommon. I think of places to hide things of value, but Juliet will always find them. Her mind works quickly, and creatively. There is very little she will not resort to, in order to get a fix.

I find small bags filled with residue throughout the house. The same can be said for glass pipes. Though, I know she only uses in her bathroom, so I cannot explain how they end up everywhere. It is almost as if this is done on purpose. She will not verbally confirm what is suspected by all, but wants to tell the world somehow.

Sister comes home less often, now that someone from Child Protective Services has stopped by to question the children. As expected, Angelina and Alyssa did their best to protect her. Nonetheless, a social worker determined my nieces were safer under my care. She advised sister and me to figure things out on our own, or else the state would interfere with stricter guidelines and limitations.

This should have provided me with more breathing room, a greater sense of comfort. How could it, when I knew that she would always return when her body was ready to land from the high.

Unable to tolerate Juliet’s reign of terror any longer, I packed my bags with nothing more to my plans, than to move to Santa Cruz. It is this irrational decision, stemming from desperation, that inspired brother to ask sister not to feel at liberty to return. She would be welcome to visit her children, and nothing more.


June 23rd, Year of the Vampires

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