July 2nd, Year of the Vampires

The thoughts come rapidly, so that it almost feels as if I am doing something about whatever has overtaken my mind. I count my words like currency, expecting that they will buy me time to figure something out. These things waste me.

While Ruey and I were at the park, a small dog spotted him from across the road, and ran to attack him. He was close to reaching us, before he was struck by a grey vehicle. I yelled at the driver to stop and take responsibility. Then, I picked up the curled, injured bundle, taking him from house to house until I found its owner. It wasn’t long before a man with a thick Chinese accent said it was his, but that he did not care for it.

I imagined something similar happening to my hellhound, and was overcome with emotion. It was hours before I could stop crying. I held Ruey so tightly, I could feel his ribs go into my own. He tolerated this, licking my face periodically.

He will leave me someday, and there is nothing I can do to stop this.

Oh, such love I feel for my king. What do I care if one and all is against me, when he is on my side? Leave me to a kingdom of those called beasts. Let the light that shines from within us, blind those with a lingering gaze. Our teeth cut deep, yeah. I feel everything that has ever been, and will ever be, coursing through his veins. I hear his power in every protective growl. We walk toward the unknown with confidence, with curiosity, with defiance.

July 2nd, Year of the Vampires

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