June 15th, Year of the Moon

It has been a futile endeavor to seek out Universal truths, that are never immediately understood intellectually, anyway. Instead, they resonate with a person at such a profound level, that they are dismissed in time, because of their emotional impact. We are taught never to fully trust our feelings. Then, one is left with smaller truths, which are only evident or significant to the individual.

Love is often said to be an absolute truth. An unadulterated purity. But when given by a person composed of conflicted, traumatic, and varied experiences, it cannot possibly be expressed as it was meant to.

I do not know if I am supposed to keep building walls. I no longer think they protect me, as much as they keep me hostage. But the fear still pushes against my ribs, by way of fast breaths and aggressive heartbeats. I still cling to the imagined savior, lord of cowards.

June 15th, Year of the Moon

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