July 14th, Year of the Moon

A quarrel, cruel recriminations. I’ve learned one thing, that has fully expanded, taking on a magnificent shape. A lesson that never stops humming, providing an answer to any question it is presented with. Honor yourself.

The heart will often find itself captivated by things of an ephemeral nature. A convincing argument must be made by the mind. I can no longer afford to lose myself in blind pursuit.

I have often pierced through the hearts of those I cared for. I bathed in their blood, in celebratory fashion. I believed I could accurately predict that they would have done the same, but I struck first. I take enough, then I take it all.
Behind all of this ferocity, there is soft, warm flesh. But they do not know. How can they know?

I fear the day will come, when word has traveled far and wide, that I am not one to trust. Men will know that I am a poison, for which no antidote exists. And I will say, but I tried to be good, and sometimes I succeeded.

July 14th, Year of the Moon

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