June 7th, Year of the Moon

The white owl was there, days before The Corpse put his hands around my neck. It was there, days before I began my relationship with Cory. And now, it has returned. This time, it came near enough for me to feel the slight breeze, produced by the flapping of its wings. What darkness will it bring into my life?

David, a man I met a year ago, at a meditation gathering, has offered to teach me Reiki. For reasons I cannot explain, given that I place no value on alternative healing, I find myself intrigued. The idea of healing someone through hand placement, sounds nothing short of absurd. But what if I have been too skeptical? What if denying the unseen doesn’t make me intelligent, but just the opposite?

I can admit to containing a negligible amount of the world’s knowledge, yet am hesitant to accept what someone else may present to me. Because there is no proof. Because it challenges the belief system I currently hold.

Everything has been so terrible lately, but only when I measure it against what I expected, or what I wanted.

June 7th, Year of the Moon

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