April 5th, Year of the Moon

I will call for you, and grow heavy in your arms, when you arrive. Those that dare look, will not be able to tell us apart.

You see me, I wait patiently. This will not fade in time, or in rebellion. I trace you, as you have always existed, so that the world knows your shape.

What is meant to be, but exists apart, is still nothing more than two made of one. Pain in one, will be experienced by the other.

All of this is nothing more than the recurring dream that has haunted me, for over a decade. The raven-haired man. Or, it is more accurate to say that it once haunted me. It occurred to me that it has been several years, since he last paid me a visit in the dream realm.

Even my creations abandon me, in time. I should learn to eat, while the food is before me. I should not let it cool so much.

April 5th, Year of the Moon

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