March 20th, Year of the Moon

I let go of things that were not supposed to exist, and find they quickly collapse before me. They were animated only by manipulation. And if my hands were busy controlling the strings, they could do nothing else. Everything I have formed, is poorly constructed.

My body needs to heal, but my sister is demanding all the attention I have to give. She is distraught over her husband’s infidelity, so I push my own heartache aside.

This betrayal was easy to predict. Do away with crystal balls and psychics, when all that is required is simple addition. His weak character and roving eye, were bound to pull him toward another.

Juliet’s hands are full of open blisters, from working toward saving her marriage. It is time to sew together a white flag, and walk away. The mistress has won. The wife is filthy with humiliation.

March 20th, Year of the Moon

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