March 10th, Year of the Moon

Cory sleeps, while I cannot. The fever has not broken. My abdomen is still swollen from the pain. I have no one I can turn to, who will address my concerns. No one who can tell me that all will be well, with absolute certainty.

Many women have made the same decision, but they are not among my group of friends. Or if they are, they choose to remain silent.

A change of heart directed Cory’s hands, as he wrote to tell me that his love for me is so profound, he could not imagine ever making me suffer again. The days in which he would torment me are gone, is his promise. He has realized, through hours of deep introspection, that he is solely responsible for the turbulence in our relationship. And, could I forgive his drug use, which increased when he found that all I felt by his side is despair.

Strange little powers do not develop when you know about Seven Gates. It doesn’t work that way. But if it did, I would have blown Cory into another dimension by now.

March 10th, Year of the Moon

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