November 9th, Year of Silence

I have contacted the Santa Cruz Masonic Philosophical Society, and expressed interest in becoming a member. I was informed the process is extensive. It will include interviewing immediate family members, and those I choose to socialize with. This upsets me, for reasons that are obvious. And would my mother be clutching a bottle of pills? And would Jennifer be fellating a stranger, as she answered questions?

Not long after my decision to become a co-freemason, a few men I hoped to never hear from again, decided it was a perfect time to come back into my life. I do not like when a person doesn’t have the decency to stay away.

While it was easy enough to get rid of most of my uninvited guests, Troy says he would like to marry me. Something, something, snap-crackle-pop, soul mates. Except, I don’t think we’re soul mates at all. I have heard that line so many times, that when I finally meet the person who means it, I won’t believe it.

Jennifer warns me that she has already slept with him. Of course. It happened after Troy and I kissed. Of course. She tells me he smells like ham, but I have a deviated septum, and can’t smell much of anything. Of course.

It will all work out. My hound is strong again. If push comes to shove, my hound has a healthy appetite, and can easily eat Troy.

November 9th, Year of Silence

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