September 28th, Year of Silence

Joseph sought me out for comfort, last night. I provided him with a little ear, and an aching shoulder.
His father has asked that he no longer attempt any contact. To ensure this, he has moved away, and changed his telephone number.
The Corpse will never get the approval and love he has longed for. He is fatherless and motherless, just as I am.

The apocalypse resides within us. Violent explosions, bursting our hearts. No one sees. No one will ever see. It’s in the eyes, I say. The death is there.

I have to confess, in his vulnerability, I found myself attracted to him. Knowing that I did not want to find myself entangled in that mess, I went out for a drink with Tamara. In her lips, I placed the tenderness I wished to give to Joseph. All I felt was the female softness, which I feel in myself. Which does not move me. Which extinguishes my own fire.

September 28th, Year of Silence

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