July 3rd, Year of Silence

We check a loved one’s breath when they are asleep, because we all fear abandonment.

Time is a trial of patience. In adulthood, matters do not progress with rapidity, the way they do in childhood. The waters are still, until they move forward with a rush. The scenery remains untouched, until blackness swallows it whole. There is nothing, then there is everything.

Perhaps it is that I extend beyond the familiar only when I climb on top of men. I am his, then I reach the sky. I move on to him, and I swim to the depths. I leave them for him, and I exit the galaxy to explore another. Alone, there is only my bubble with its limited oxygen.

I speak to no one, having nothing to say. I am nothing more than the dog and his girl. I blame this city, or I blame lack of love, or I blame rejection.

July 3rd, Year of Silence

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