April 16th, Year of Silence

I continue to be dragged into Corpseland, when my defenses are down. Lisa’s obsession with me will not wane. Just yesterday, I was followed to the library, where she confronted me, as I exited. Not having seen her up-close before, it startled me to have a small woman, with damaged skin and stringy hair, scream obscenities at me. I believed her to be a vagabond, suffering from drug-induced psychosis. It wasn’t until she mentioned Joseph’s name, that I knew who I was dealing with.

I considered responding in kind, but her confidence was feigned. A high-pitched tone revealed the anxiety she felt. She stood in defiance, because Joseph was watching her from outside their shared vehicle. The Corpse Bride sought to impress him.

When she saw that I would not react, she grew agitated. I recommended mood stabilizers. That angered her, but she quickly recovered, and forced out a chuckle. Without anything left to say, she walked away from me.

Late in the evening, after finding my mailbox filled with rubbish, placed there by Lisa, I finally decided that it was time to notify the authorities. After a brief conversation with the police, they made their way over to Joseph’s home, then back to my own. It was determined that nothing could be done. While the officers did not agree with The Corpse Bride, they understood why she felt threatened. I am an attractive woman, they said. So I know what it feels like to be handed a slap across the face, and, simultaneously, a bouquet of roses.

April 16th, Year of Silence

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