October 7th, Year of the Corpse

There is a man I have been seeing often. I will not write his name down, because I have studied myself well, and know the wolf inside me will devour him whole. It’s voracity is increasingly concerning. It has always existed within me, but in its youth it caused little harm. In its prime, I cannot tame it.

This man is more than I deserve, and he must know this, but he is tactful. He is discreet, and he is forgiving. His morality stretches well above his height, which is nothing short of impressive. While I have quite a bit of length to me as well, my neck has suffered in looking to his graceful face, in order to take it into my own.

Tonight, the demons are out playing games of their own, that do not involve me at all. The wolf is out chasing the moon. Nothing disturbs my peace. Every sound is in harmony with every sight. It is all a perfect composition. There is nothing to seek. I surrender to absolute bliss.

October 7th, Year of the Corpse

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