July 10th, Year of the Corpse

Just when I have found out where I am in life, it is time to pick up and move. I think, my arms have very little muscle. This load is too heavy. It will break my back in ten places, when it can only afford three fractures. But I say this silently, and travel onward. Or at least to the side, where I hide behind a wall.

I have come to understand that it is time to kill Joseph. Except, that’s not true at all. Not in the literal sense, at least. But what has become glaringly obvious, is that I am not anywhere near satisfied with him. I say this, and he looks at me as if I were telling him the world is flat. He assures me that I really am happy, but unable to identify an emotion that I had not experienced until I met him. Getting through to him using words alone is futile, which is why I have focused on dating other people. Eventually, he will have no choice, but to notice a reality that is smacking him upside the head.

It is with the aforementioned purpose in mind, that I am spending time with a humanoid named Stephen P. The last name is from either New Zealand, or Mars. I can’t be sure of anything when it comes to him, since I am almost certain he never developed language skills. Like The Corpse, he communicates through pointing and grunting.

July 10th, Year of the Corpse

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