April 20th, Year of the Corpse

A strange woman approached me today, to ask if I was sexually pure. She said virginal women are not at risk of becoming demonically possessed. Take care of your soul, or else it will be taken, she said.

My dear friend Robert and I tried to ignore her, but she was adamant in her desire to warn us of the unseen dangers of the world: The Satanic cult she was entangled with. The child rape they participate in. The murders they plotted and executed. The reality of absolute evil. The large quantity of people that blindly follow the dark path.

The woman was suffering from drug-induced psychosis. That much was plainly obvious. But how much of what she said, should be dismissed entirely? Even a madman is capable of speaking the truth. And perhaps, her inability to make sense out of a series of events of the supernatural variety, also led to a decline in her mental health.

The truth is, anything we cannot rapidly explain, is categorized as a product of a tired or overactive mind. This provides us with a sense of peace, and allows us to continue to believe that everything functions with a relative amount of order, harmony, and above all, purpose.

April 20th, Year of the Corpse

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