April 11th, Year of the Corpse

The duration of my headaches is increasing. Though I keep a record of my activities and diet, in order to find all possible triggers, I still have no answers. If there is a connection to be made, I cannot find the ends to pull together. After two weeks with a debilitating migraine, there is not enough mental clarity to keep on the search for a solution.

My doctor tells me to be at ease and drop all concern. He says that it isn’t rare, or dangerous, to deal with a headache that outlasts patience. I said nothing, because I didn’t know if he was wrong, and I still don’t. Or, I said nothing because my brain was frozen. Or, I said nothing because pain murdered my tongue. Or, I did say something, and don’t remember anymore.

This sharp pain in my right eye, is pushing out thoughts. Like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, without the smell of peppermint.  And I think things like, every dream I have ever had, has me living in another country. Mostly England. I don’t think Tyrannosaurus rex had feathers at all. Maybe just one. The sounds of chains and church bells, when combined, make better songs than any modern musician. I am afraid I will never love again, but I never loved much to begin with, so I do not know which is more tragic. My lips are still swollen from the aggressive way The Corpse chooses to kiss them.

April 11th, Year of the Corpse

One thought on “April 11th, Year of the Corpse

  1. Sounds like a bad deal in hell with the headache, hope it finally cleared
    Atleast if you’re muted by the pain you can’t shout “It’s been two fucking weeks of this friggin headache, give me elephant grade pain killers” and piss off the doctor!


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