March 25th, Year of The Corpse

A neighbor of mine, a married man in his mid-forties, has taken a liking to me. Often, late at night, he asks me to step outside, so that I can watch him pleasure himself under the moonlight. As if late hours would add a romantic element to a man making a degenerate out of himself.

In order to cool his desires, I fabricated a relationship. This imaginary boyfriend of mine, is the jealous type. He has a short fuse, and is quick to resort to violence. To this, my neighbor replied that he found himself even more excited. Then, he invited me to stop by his home on Thursday, while his wife is at work. He would like to photograph me, in lingerie. If comfort allows, in the nude. To this, I said that I would, but good taste prevents me from ever speaking to him again.

Hours later, he asked to take pictures of me again. No longer requesting I pose nude, he wants me to wear what he referred to as costumes, also known as how I normally dress.

That neighbor of mine is so despicable that even the hair on his head has fled from him.

March 25th, Year of The Corpse

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