June 15th, Year 22

We are fucking and technology. We are text messages ignored, and phone calls never placed. We are short-lived romances found through dating sites. We are forgetting to greet and kindly dismiss. We are factory farms, savagely slaughtering. We are disguised racism. We are anger and sadness remembered in every cell, waiting to form into illnesses that will steal the quality of our lives. We are humans that cannot remember how to be human.

I am hungry for the hunt of something larger, blocked in by screens, and held down by wires. They say the world can now truly belong to everyone, because of cold machines. And I have asked, and I have looked, and I have dug. There is nothing. No one to answer, and nothing to see.

Why is it that I always crave something larger than what has been proven exists?

June 15th, Year 22

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