March 9th, Year 22

After months of numbness in my arms, the feeling has now extended to my legs. This has led me to seek out a medical diagnosis. I went with a great deal of apprehension. They have run a series of tests that will surely leave me in debt. The doctor has informed me that he is considering running additional tests, after I told him that weakness in my legs has caused me to collapse on a number of occasions. He wants to rule out multiple sclerosis.

Long ago, I lost my mind, or it was robbed, or I gave it away to rid myself of all responsibility, and personal accountability. Now, I am slowly losing my body to some kind of illness. All I am left with, is anger and fear. My two loyal companions. They are the only things left to carry me. In the silence, I know I have grown dependent on them.

March 9th, Year 22

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