March 7th, Year 22

My brother is the only father I care to recognize. We are twins, we are eternal children, we are daughter and father. I have the thoughts, and he holds the memories. Without the other, these things would destroy us. Without the other, life would not be possible.

My brother eats the rage that lives within me, and if it makes him sick, he makes no complaints. It is his heart that offered me refuge, from the sharp daggers that are my biological father’s eyes.

I am in my brother’s hands and at his mercy, and he has chosen to never harm me. I am safe, but too careless to look after him.

Desperately, he calls for my courage. He screams to awaken a new age. And, I stay still. I do not move to help him. I am the rock that weighs him down. He will surely drown with me.

Without each other, I would be damned, and he would be free.

March 7th, Year 22

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