February 19th, Year 22

I have chosen to make a friend out of Satan. My allegiance is to monsters. This was done out of hard-won wisdom. Finding myself in the darkness, my only way out is by knowing the territory.

At first, my approach was met with rejection and mockery. I have since learned the tongue of demons.
I needed their knowledge. They know the only way out. One unmarked path back to the light.

I know now that everything I ever thought to be right, is wrong. There is the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They were the wires that kept me upright, when I was near collapse. But, the Father cannot be accounted for, the Son keeps his silence, and the Holy Spirit does as the other spirits. It hides, and It does it well. Or, this appears to be the case, because the world I live in is fabricated. It is one in which I am the only god, but not much of one. This world stitched together with fantasy and dreams. Nothing is real. Nothing is solid.

February 19th, Year 22

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