March 10th, Year 21

What I dislike about this, is no different than what I dislike about so many things. It is all the same. Do not be so easily fooled by the different shapes and sizes, and forget about being distracted by the colors. They are only there to turn your brain into a comic book. They will trick you into imagining stories so vividly, you will tell them to any who will listen, as if they actually happened to a wretch like you.

And you say you know the temptations placed strategically by Satan. He disguised them as kindness, as a nurturing woman, as financial gain. You say you were inspired to act out of necessity, not evil. You say, and I say, so many things to justify leaving a trail of blood behind us. Excuses are honey for lemon.

A father’s daughter will never be more than that. A mother’s son will never be more than that. Cowards hiding under a thick blanket of anger. We will do nothing to restore the balance. We are afraid to move. Better men and better women, did not come from the place we were born into

March 10th, Year 21

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