February 6th, Year of Taurus

2:20 a.m. Silence and I are up. That is all. We matter. Without us, who would hold up the moon?

Libra under the microscope. Libra under pressure.

I worked with Veronica in the restaurant, for the first part of the evening, before I moved to the bar. She is dating Victor again. He is a customer who would buy me gifts, and write me love letters. Not very good gifts, and just plain awful love letters.

She is careful to speak about him as little as possible. For some reason, she views me as a threat, and believes that if I hear enough stories that prove he is a sweet, attentive boyfriend, I will want him. If I want him, I may take him. Like he is a toy to be played with. Like he is property to be owned. I haven’t the heart to tell her I find him dull, and when not dull, repulsive. Although, I am not entirely sure that would bother her. It isn’t his conversation that she cherishes, his heart that she treasures, his life that she amazed by. Veronica likes that he is generous with his money, and that marrying him would allow her to stay in the country.

She is the type of woman they say is no fool. If that behavior makes it so, then I am a perfect fool, for I have no interest in destroying a man for my own gain. Well, not really. Amusement is some kind of gain.

February 6th, Year of Taurus

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