January 31st, Year of Taurus

It’s still August. It is not. It is. Could it be that my mind is taking me to that month for a reason? Does it want to prophesy? A little psychic vision for this girl, about this girl. Something is coming in August that will pull me up by the throat.

3:30 p.m., and while it is not a weekend, I have decided to go into work today. My sister’s birthday is coming soon, and I had completely forgotten until a few moments ago. It happens often, when you are not particularly close to someone. Her methamphetamine addiction prevents a bond from forming, which is just as well, since we have little in common. In truth, working today is more about running from memories than getting money for a gift. I would like to forget about Richard, the mistakes I made with him, and the fool I became for him.

January 31st, Year of Taurus

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