December 15th, Year Three

Aquarius acts with disinterest. Is it in an act? Aquarius is receptive to the affection I give in abundance. He purrs and smiles. Aquarius is never one to initiate a physical exchange. I do not know if there is a trace of me inside of him. Everything about Aquarius is hidden. I am not with him, but with his shadow. Private Aquarius. Lonely and misunderstood Aquarius. Blocking out a world that would never fully accept him. Bullshit. Smiling to keep up a façade, judging everyone as he places them under a microscope. Bullshit. And when I think I may love him, I see there is nothing to love about Aquarius. There are no words coming out of the mouth of Aquarius, unless they are sharp and full of hate. Silence that is no longer a mystery. Simply, the man has nothing interesting to say.

December 15th, Year Three

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