June 14th, Year Three

One of the regular patrons at the bar was involved in a hit and run yesterday. It happened as he was driving into the parking lot. He collided against a minivan, severely injuring a family that was inside, including a baby. When the police arrived, he was nowhere to be seen. Everyone who was in the car with him, hid among the other patrons inside the bar.

Frustrated at a coward missing his sense of decency and responsibility, I went outside to search for the driver, but found nothing. Just as I was about to make my way back inside, his car trunk popped open to reveal his body, curled up to fit in the small space. He asked if the police were still inside the establishment, I nodded to affirm that they were. Then, I asked if he cared to know about the people he had injured. No, he replied. All that matters is that I am okay, he continued. So, I did what anyone riding a moral high horse would do. I trotted straight to the police, and told them where to find the driver, while pointing out the guilty passengers.

June 14th, Year Three

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