January 10th, Year Three

A simple day is a happy day. Here I sit thinking about the dramatics of life. The complications of unrequited love. Co-workers that battle against each other, soon turning against me. Then, there is Bipin. A kitten oblivious to how humans twist themselves all around, until a violent funnel is created. We knock things about, and suck them in, just to remove all value in a forceful extraction.

Today, I do not care to be a racing rat. All that I could chase would lead to nothing. Dresden is only someone to hang my hopes on. I view him as my entrance into normalcy. I have never felt excitement in the arms of a man. Lust is in theory, but never in practice. It dies at first breath.

I promised myself that I would be more responsible with my medication, but it hasn’t been possible. I rebel against pharmaceuticals and my condition. Born nervous, I was. Let me be common. Wake up. Take a piss. Eat breakfast. Unaffected. Exercise without experiencing an impending sense of doom. Get through work with the help of a pot of coffee. Remain unaffected. Come home to bills. Complain about interest rates. Have a large dinner, missed lunch completely. Sleep. Unaffected.

Does Dresden like Kurt Vonnegut and Edvard Munch?

January 10th, Year Three

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