February 16th, Year Three

Dresden’s birth name is Richard. Fixation led to insanity. I called up the tattoo shop and asked his co-worker to provide me with information I regret receiving. Dresden suits him better. It’s silk gloves on graceful hands.

Marissa, my supervisor’s daughter, and I were accepted for an apartment. We move in next month. I am not looking forward to sharing space with someone devoid of morals and a personality, but freedom from the familiar, from my family, is much needed.

I am trying, as in putting in effort where I can. As in I entered adulthood not long ago, and this comes with the territory, like a lemon tree in a backyard. I am trying to get along with my future roommate by spending time with her. This weekend, we are going to a nightclub with a few other females, just as vapid as she is. They are perfume and tits, and no more. Marissa has talked about bringing male friends of hers along with us, and of course, one has been reserved especially for me, like a seat at a table I am to sit on, and make sure to bounce a little. It is the way of friends to make sure everyone is having sex with each other. With the money I have made this week so far, I am unsure I can afford a night out. Fourteen dollars in tips on a double-shift.  While I may be horrible at what I do for a living, I am almost sure the attention and care I give to patrons is worth more than fourteen dollars.

Josefina the Dishwasher, who shall have no other last name, was kind enough to make me something to eat, because eating my anger sometimes works.

February 16th, Year Three

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