January 3rd, Year Three

It seems I have a fan at work. A persistent man, who I don’t have the heart to straightforwardly reject. You are not Dresden, I want to say, but could not justify my obsession; or if I could, it would still reveal too much. This is my treasure to enjoy greedily. I will let it consume me, taking up all of my mental energy, pushing away what is important for me to store, like how to make this and that drink.
In the grand scheme of things, the ultimate design will not be ruined by my inability to remember how to mix an alcoholic beverage. If anything, I will be better for it.

To kiss Dresden.

A quick flashback of Matt to upset me. Matt and I have seen each other many times since our first meeting. Nothing has been formalized. Out of boredom, I kiss and toy with a few of his friends, and have started to casually date his best one. A professional BMX rider named Mike.

To kiss Dresden.

Because I met Dresden at his workplace, a tattoo shop, it is easy enough for me to see him once more. Easy is never easy. All I know about him, is that he is in an exclusive relationship. That is more than a woman in some kind of love wants to know.

To kiss Dresden.

January 3rd, Year Three

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